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7 Ways to Add More Sparkle to Your New Year’s Eve


Here at Revel, we tend to use even the smallest excuse to break out the confetti and sparkles. (It’s a problem, we know!)

But New Year’s Eve? Now that calls for some serious glitz and glam.

Whether you’re planning on dancing the night away or simply snuggling up to sip bubbly with someone you love, here are seven of our favorite ways to up your sparkle game and make NYE 2016 one for the record books.

1. Mix up a lustrous libation. Pop a bottle of champagne and create these delicious, glitter-filled cocktails. We think they’ll look especially dazzling with a rock candy stir stick garnish – don’t you agree?

2. Bedazzle your bouffant. Feeling bold? Don a glittering confetti crown while out on the town – and get ready for lots of adoring ooo’s and ahh’s from everyone you meet. Bonus points for making it yourself!

3. Add a Midas touch. If you’re throwing a NYE bash, your guests will love the Gatsby-inspired look of these glitter-coated champagne bottles chilling in your ice bucket. And the good news? They’re a cinch to make. (P.S. Mini versions make perfect party favors!)

4. Wink & flutter. Whether you have gorgeous baby blues or dusky browns under those lashes, NYE is the night to go all out with your eye makeup. These sultry, shimmery Moondust Eyeshadows by Urban Decay are showstoppers, and come in every color imaginable. The best part? Their glam-tastic names. (We’re pretty partial to “Space Cowboy”).


Photos: Big Laces, Dave Allocca, Kelly Golightly, Urban Decay, The Suite Life Designs, Sassy Mouth Photography


5. Count down in style. When the clock strikes midnight, these amazing champagne bottle sparklers are an unforgettable way to greet the new year. You’ll need special sparklers, bottle clips, and a bucket of water or fire extinguisher – because…well…you know.

6. Pucker up. What can we say? Traditional lipstick is SO 2015. Prep for that midnight kiss with Glitzstick instead.

7. Lastly, don’t forget your date. Make sure your guy looks dapper on the dance floor with a pair of shiny gold shoelaces!

What are your favorite ways to add more sparkle to your life? Wishing you a glittering New Year’s Eve – hope it’s the best one yet!


Team Revel


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