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Have you ever come up with a temporary solution to a problem, only to realize months (or years?!) later that you never fully solved it? True confession time – we’ve been using an old Anthropologie catalog as a mouse pad for longer than we’d care to admit. See? We’ll call this the “before” picture, complete with messy desk…

"Before" pic | Revel


Today we decided to remedy this problem once and for all. In less than an hour (and without breaking the bank!) we created this luxe gold mouse pad.

Luxe gold leather | Revel


Want to make one of your own? Follow the simple steps below. Then use the same technique to create something else fun, like a set of faux-leather coasters!

Supplies Needed

  • Thin roll or pieces of cork
  • Piece of faux leather, at least 8×8″ (we purchased ours from the upholstry section at Hobby Lobby. There are also many colors and sizes of faux leather available on Etsy)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Spray adhesive
  • Large piece of cardboard or plastic to protect table


Leather mouse pad supplies | Revel


Start by printing out our Mouse Pad Template. The “large” size is close to standard mouse pad size, while the “small” size is still roomy but appropriate for smaller desks.


Cut two rectangles of cork off of the roll. Flip each one over and trace your desired template on the back with a fine-tipped sharpie or pen. If the cork won’t lay flat, let the pieces sit under something heavy while you enjoy a magazine and cup of coffee. Keeping the cork pieces upside down, cut each one according to the pattern.  Do the same with your chosen swatch of leather.


Lay out a piece of plastic or cardboard and give your can of spray glue a good shake.

Turn the cork pieces “right-side up”.  Spray the top of one piece, making sure to keep the other out of the way. Carefully stack the second piece of cork on top of the first and press to adhere. Test each corner of the rectangle and if any separates, spritz in a little extra glue and press again.

Repeat this process – spraying the top of the stacked cork and carefully topping with the faux leather. Smooth out any bubbles and let it sit (preferably under something heavy) until dry – which should only take a few minutes.


Carefully trim any uneven edges, and then go re-organize that desk to show off your handiwork! Snap a pic and tag it with #RevelDIY; we’d love to see what you come up with!

Luxe gold leather mouse pad | Revel




Team Revel

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